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You will receive your personalized login and password via email within 24 hours. After that, let the Gamified Learning begin!

Every day, you will be asked a series of questions about Twitter for HR. As you answer the questions correctly or incorrectly, you will receive “training bursts” – a few short screens of information aimed at filling your knowledge gaps. As you get questions correct more often, you will skip the learning on those specific topics. The more you know, the more advanced training bursts you will receive.

Every day, you will also have an opportunity to answer a “fun” quiz question based on trivia and pop culture.

The more questions you answer, and answer correctly, the more points you will receive.

If you miss a day, the system will ask you additional questions each day until you are caught up.

Every third month, an auction will begin, with prizes including a Chapters / Indigo Gift Card. Bidding will close on the last day of the month, and the individual who has bid the most points will win the prize.

Watch your email for your log in information!

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