The Hierarchy of Workplace Reinvention – Where are you operating?

The Hierarchy of Workplace Reinvention – Where are you operating?

We are living and working in a fast-paced, ever changing world today. The workplace of the past, where workers punched in at 9, worked until 5 and then went home to enjoy their family life, volunteer duties and leisure time, is barely in existence. Organizations are asking more out of employees and employees are expecting more from them. While we are experiencing this overriding workplace tension, we are also facing multiple factors: a global war for talent; remote and contingent work on the rise, the prevalence of social and mobile technology; and millennials fast becoming the largest generation in the workplace.

All of this is combining to create terribly low levels of engagement, corporations full of “quitters“, and a league of workers who simply won’t settle for work that sucks.

It is time to take a good, hard look at how your workplace is being managed and how you plan to attract and retain talent in the future.

If you don’t, your organization will suffer the disease of mediocrity and possibly the death of your company altogether.

The hierarchy of workplace reinvention includes 5 ways that work is being managed today.

The more I have thought about this, the more I see alignment with motivation theories like Maslow’s hierarchy. I foresee longer-term success for organizations operating in the top 3 rungs of this pyramid, keeping the basic needs for compensation and benefits met, but providing much more than that in the way of what I call lifework-style”, self-management, and purpose. In fact, I believe the “best” organizations will incorporate principles from all three of these top levels in the way they engage people.

Where is your organization operating?

If you fall in the bottom two categories, my guess is you’ve already noticed mediocrity, unhappiness and inauthenticity.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll share my thoughts on all of these sorts of organizations, the pros and cons for each, and steps to take to move up the hierarchy of workplace reinvention. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please reach out to me by commenting below, tweeting with me at @pamelamaeross, or emailing me!

Say NO to mediocrity – Ready to REINVENT WORK at your organization?

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