Training for Leaders who give a damn

Training for Leaders who give a damn

I am super excited to announce a new part of my business! I’ve become an “Actionable Coach” with Actionable Books– a leadership development program designed for leaders who give a damn. It’s a super simple platform that enables leaders to develop “Salaried Entrepreneurs” on their teams.

Leadership Workshop Series

Check out The Actionable Leader – my new website that outlines a series of workshops I am facilitating with a partner. We’re leading 13 of the Actionable Books workshops for leaders in the Oakville / Mississauga area from March to September this year.

I’d love to see you in the training! Pricing and registration details are on the website.

Actionable Coaching in your Organization

Also check out the new page on my website to take a free Salaried Entrepreneur Team Assessment and to find out more about the Actionable Books program and how it can help your organization.

I love this program, and am excited to be a part of it!

Got questions? Comment below or contact me!