A Team Engagement and Giving Back Opportunity HR needs to know about

A Team Engagement and Giving Back Opportunity HR needs to know about

You know when you find out about something awesome and you just want to tell everyone about it? That’s the way I feel after my recent meeting with Jody Steinhauer. Jody is the Chief Bargains Officer at Bargains Group, and now is also the founder of an amazing Not For Profit, Engage and Change. I have to tell you about some of the things these two organizations are up to and why HR needs to know them.

1. Engage and Change’s two major events for business leaders and their teams to take part in

Engage and Change is responsible for two amazing events that take place in Toronto and other cities across Canada – Project Water and Project Winter Survival.
Check out the video below describing Project Winter Survival. Then imagine your team taking part.

In a nutshell, hundreds of people gather together to pack kits for the homeless including a sleeping bag and 30 other necessities to keep them safe, healthy and warm through the winter. It is a fabulous day for teams to join in and meet with people from other companies and all walks of life while doing something to make a difference.

Project Water brings bottled water to homeless shelters around the GTA, with teams taking part to pack and distribute.

Engage and Change is looking for volunteers and donations to ensure Project Winter Survival makes a huge impact on the homeless this year. You can donate on their website.

2. Bargains Group’s opportunities for team building engagement events to give back

Jody’s company has also found a way to satisfy a great need team engagement. In today’s business world, when community involvement and giving back is so important to employees and their engagement, leaders are often looking for opportunities to bring a team together to make a difference. Bargains Group has a unique solution. After years of involvement in Project Winter Survival, they know how impactful, a kit building day can be, both for the team and for the community. They partner with organizations to create kits for their charity of choice. They provide a ton of support to make your engagement event a success – helping leaders to plan the event, sending all the supplies or hosting it at their premises, and working with your chosen not-for-profit to ensure impact. I can’t wait until I have a team and can host an event like this! They turn your budget into four times the money by using their buying power and expertise, helping you to make a greater difference to the causes you care about.

3. Awesome deals on branded SWAG

Everyone likes swag. Bargains Group has anything you need for your customers, employees or others, at great prices. They are known for their $2 t-shirt, but one look at their showroom proves that they do so much more! Great opportunities to pick up notebooks, bags, water bottles, blankets, and so many other items to spread the pride in your brand. Plus, what I think makes Bargains Group different is the personal service – they take the time to help you decide on the best item for your needs.

If you have 30 more seconds, check out this powerful ad about homelessness:

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