Building a Culture of Innovation – 12 Innovative Touch Points

Innovation is a huge buzzword nowadays – from the HRPA 2012 conference where many of the keynote speeches focused on innovation, to twitter chats like #peoplechat and #tchat about innovation, it’s having a huge impact on the HR profession. Of course, with my focus on Innovative HR, it’s also a slight obsession of mine. I believe that …

Innovative HR | Social Media Policy or Guidelines

Social media is a little scary. I have been asked a few times at recent speaking engagements – “how can we get rid of Twitter?” Or “how long do you think this whole thing is going to be around? My thought… it’s not going anywhere – and your customers and employees are there, so if you’re not, you’re …

HR Resources – More Innovative HR – Social Media Monitoring

I promised to add HR Resources and updates to my Innovative HR page as I play with new tools or come across examples. One of the questions I’ve been asked by HR professionals as they start to explore social media is how can I monitor what’s being said about my company? There are several ways to monitor social media. Many large companies …

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