Part-Time Business Sidekick Wanted!

Part-Time Business Sidekick Wanted!

As I enter my fifth year of business, I am excited to say I am very busy! I have great clients and partners, and we’re developing stronger leaders and culture together. I have a lot up my sleeve for the next few months and into the future, including a business rebrand, product launches, and of course the next Reinvent Work Summit!

I can’t do it all alone. I am searching for a part-time business apprentice/sidekick/ninja to help me change people’s lives by making work awesome!

I estimate approximately 15 hours of work per week to start (but your time is your own – see ROWE below), but as the business grows, there may be the opportunity for this to grow into full-time work.

I think this role is perfect for a business-savvy college / university grad, someone re-entering the workforce, or even a stay at home parent who is flexible with time and may want to go back to work full time in future.

It won’t be the easiest job ever, and some parts may be mundane, but I promise fun, lots of learning, and the opportunity to impact people’s lives through making work not suck.

Let us know you’re interested now!

Why you’ll love the work:

  • It’s broad. You’ll sink your teeth into marketing, product launches, social media, administrative work, training design, and more.
  • You’ll get to try new technology and use it to make work more efficient and effective
  • We’re a ROWE(TM). That means Results-Only Work Environment(TM). That means you are 100% autonomous and 100% accountable. Your time is your own. I’m your results coach, not your “boss”. You figure out how, when, and where to get your work done. I just care that it gets done – and I’m here to help and support as you need it!
  • You’ll receive a part-time salary, and (in keeping with ROWE(TM)), if you get your work done more efficiently in fewer hours than anticipated, you still get the same pay. There is no time clock and no judgment about your time.
  • I will coach you weekly. Seriously, every week we will give each other feedback – improvement focused feedback and recognition – for what we’ve accomplished. It’s just how I work.
  • You’ll help make an impact on people’s lives by being a part of the movement to reinvent work. I believe work should not suck for anyone, and everything we do is to influence making work awesome.

What will be challenging about the work:

  • It’s broad. This is awesome, and challenging. You’ll need to be ready to switch gears, to learn fast, and to be open to taking on work you may not ever have done before
  • Lots of technology. I love technology, and use it for everything. If you’re not excited about using technology to get work done, you won’t like this. Some examples: Google Hangouts for meetings; every type of social media you can imagine; Canva for images; Podio for project management; Pipedrive for client management; WordPress for web updates and blogging.
  • We’re a ROWE(TM). If you are stuck in 1982 and believe work should be measured by the amount of time you put in, you’ll dislike this. If you’re not self-motivated, you won’t get the work done, and you won’t have a job long. If you’re not able to ask for help, or for me to “slow the heck down!” when you need it, this will be a challenge.
  • Some weeks will be busier than others. If you would rather work at a regular pace and have routine work, this is probably not the best role for you.
  • Working virtually. We’ll meet at least weekly using Google Hangouts, and probably every other week in person, but for the most part, you’ll be on your own (with me available for questions). This can be tough.

What you can expect – the type of work you’ll do:

  • Brainstorming marketing, social media, product launches and more – and then implementing ideas
  • Email communication with clients
  • Event coordination and marketing (for events like the Reinvent Work Summit)
  • Developing project plans with timelines and task lists
  • Creating unique social media posts
  • Occasional blog writing
  • Website updates
  • Website development and / or coordinating development with developer
  • Coordinating marketing and print materials
  • Administrative work (maintaining email lists and campaigns, project plans, updating CRM, etc)
  • Possibly developing eLearning courses
  • Design and editing of presentations for proposals, training and speaking engagements
  • Identifying work that should be done or help that I need and jumping in to do it (this is awesome)

Who you are:

  • You know enough about the corporate world to know the challenges that exist and have some ideas for improvement
  • You are self-motivated – there will be nobody looking over your shoulder, so you like to run with work on your own
  • You enjoy technology and are “digitally fluent” (able to use technology to get work done, able to learn new tech fast)
  • A detail-oriented individual who can organize information quickly
  • A “get sh!t done” focused worker
  • Able to connect dots between actions, outcomes, processes, and to document systems
  • Visually creative – you’re not a graphic designer, but are able to use images and words to convey thoughts on social media and powerpoint
  • Are able to meet in the Oakville area approximately every two weeks
  • An independent worker who doesn’t give up problem solving after the first try but asks for help when needed
  • A learner – I will introduce you to the whirlwind of my business – everything from admin, training design, client meeting prep, proposal writing, marketing, conference producing and more!
Sounds like me! Click to answer a few questions.

What’s in it for you:

  • You’ll operate as an independent contractor but receive regular payment of $200-$250 / week to start
  • Opportunity to be involved in all aspects of business
  • Learning opportunities – after one year, $500 budget for online or live event learning
  • Exposure to awesome thought leaders in the world of leadership and culture


Take the first step and tell us about yourself now!

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