DON’T Put Down Your Phone – Twitter Connects!

DON’T Put Down Your Phone – Twitter Connects!

I just watched a beautiful video by Rapper/Poet/Artist Prince Ea. It was published on YouTube Sept 29th, 2014.

Through his words during the video, the Artist tells the audience to put down their phones.

A few of the lyrics include, “Do I not have the patience to have conversations without abbreviation? This is the generation of media over stimulation. Chats have been reduced to snaps. The news is 140 characters….Take control or be controlled”. He goes on with, “I imagine a world where we smile when we have low batteries. Cause that will mean we’ll be one bar closer to humanity”.

This video moved me. It was beautiful, poetic, and had an important message – put down your phones, and have meaningful human interaction.

The message was important to me because I also seem chained to my phone (as many of us are). I am always looking for that little red light, or waiting to feel that next vibration, and/or listening for that next “chime”.

It does take away from my engagement at home AND at work. I can be deeply involved in writing a piece, and then BAM! I see that little red light, blink, blink, blink. Like a scratch that needs to be scratched, I just have to look and see what it is. Distraction!

Nothing that I am about to say, negates what I have just said above.

I will ADD some points as to why we SHOULDN’T put our smart phone down – or at least completely.

Social Media via our smart phone CAN bring us closer. It doesn’t have to tear us apart. In fact, part of having strong Digital Fluency is being able to communicate and connect with people effectively using technology. 

Pam Ross published a LinkedIn article, titled “How I Stopped Sucking at Networking” (September 30th, 2014), that shows how the two worlds can work TOGETHER! And the public seemed to appreciate it. As of today (October 8th, 2014) there have been 160,272 reads, 1719 likes, and 665 comments.

In the article, Pam explains that genuine connections can be formed from TWITTER introductions. The following are just a few snippets from the article that Pam wrote:

  • TWITTER can be used as a TOOL to connect people and have AUTHENTIC conversations.
  • Join TWITTER chats because it is a great way to “connect with people interested in the same things you are, and to break the ice when you chat with them in real life”.
  • Follow event HASHTAGS ahead of time. When you arrive at the event, connect with others using the hashtag by arranging a meeting at a certain location. 
  • When you get to these events, follow the rule of 3: Find odd numbered groups so that it’s easier to break into conversation. As well, set out to meet “three people”, so that you can really connect with them,  and have MEANINGFUL follow-up conversations at a later time.

Final Thoughts:

I believe that the artist Prince Ea, is a talented Rapper/Poet/Artist, and I agree with many of his points. And, I also believe that I have something to learn. I do use my phone for work and pleasure, but I certainly should put my phone down more. 

But to disregard ALL the positive benefits/ways that social media, (including Twitter) can connect us in REAL Authentic ways – would be a disservice!

What are your thoughts? Please tell us below.

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