Culture Solutions


  • Starts with core values that guide everyone’s daily behaviour, interactions and decisions.
  • Differentiates your organization through language, unwritten rules, and workplace climate.
  • Must be intentional, but is created by action, not intention.
  • Forms the foundation of your employee value proposition and engagement strategy.
  • Is most successful when aligned with your brand and strategic objectives.
  • Is seen in how people deliver your customer promise, how they communicate, and in the stories they tell their friends, family and followers.
  • “Eats strategy for lunch” – Peter Drucker



Values Discovery

We conduct an online survey of employees at all levels to identify Core Values to lay the groundwork for building uniquely awesome culture in this foundational Values Discovery program.

The outcome is identification of the Values that are most prevalent  and relevant in your organization, as well as possible gaps between relevance and prevalence.

  • 5-10 Values that are most prevalent and relevant
  • Priority Values Gaps to focus your Culture Change efforts

The Approach:

① Online survey of 3 categories of employees: Senior Leaders; Culture Champions (as identified by Senior Leaders); All Other Employees

② Analysis and Report Development

③ Values Results Meeting with Executives

The Investment: Starts at $4,750

Ideal for organizations who see the connection between values, culture and customer experience and are ready for the first building block.


Values Jumpstart

A collaborative Values identification program that differentiates your Culture and provides guideposts for future growth.

The outcome is uniquely branded Values that resonate with core employees and inspire behaviour; and a guide for selecting future culture builders.

  • 5-10 Unique Values Statements that Inspire Your Team
  • Behavioural Examples of Values in Action to serve as a Guidepost
  • Values-Based Interview Questions to help hire Cultural Performers.

The Approach:

① Survey of three categories of employees: Senior Leaders; Culture Champions (as identified by Senior Leaders); All Other Employees

② Values Strategy Roundtable Discussion with Executive Team

③ Culture Champions Workshop (up to 25 people) OR 3 Online Values Discussions with up to 10 Culture Champions each

④ Review of current hiring practices

⑤ Report of Findings

⑥ Development and Vetting of 5-10 Unique Values Statements and Behavioural Examples

⑦ Development of Interview guide with 5-10 Values-Based Interview Questions and Qualifiers

The Investment: Starts at $11,500

Ideal for organizations with a firm commitment to values-based leadership who want a high touch solution and a foundation for differentiated culture.

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