Culture Development

Culture is created by Action not Intention.

Culture is seen in how people get work done, how they communicate, and in the stories they tell their friends and family (and followers). If Culture is not part of your Strategy, it will develop on its own, and it may not be the culture you want it to be.

Many companies have a list of values that they post on a wall or teach new employees. This doesn’t create culture. Culture and engagement are impacted by everything you do.  A company’s culture is created by the values and behaviours of everyone in the company.

We offer several culture development programs.

1) Culture Strategy

We work with your senior leadership team to evaluate your current culture, your organizational goals, and how your culture needs to change in order to meet your goals. We identify the personal values the team lives by and how these can be leveraged in the organization, to create a genuine and sustainable culture.

Methodology: Values Survey; 1/2 Day Strategy Session; Report of Findings and Recommendations

2) Values Enhancement or Development

Got Values already, maybe hanging on the wall? We use Surveys and Focus Groups to determine the relevancy and reality of these across your organization. We identify gaps and recommend language, organizational behaviour and process enhancements.

Don’t have Values yet? We use Surveys and Focus Groups to identify core Values that resonate with your employees and your strategy. We brand the language to fit your organization and provide recommendations for people practices to sustain the Values.

3) Culture Brand Kickstart

Want to take your Values further and really differentiate your organization against the sea of competitors? We examine your people practices and recommend unique ways to engage candidates, employees and leaders throughout their experience with you, building a Culture Brand that fits your organization.

4) Culture Reinvention

Ready to really shake things up? Pam Ross is the only ROWE™-Certified Consultant in Canada. If you’re serious about changing the way work gets done, achieving results and customer experience beyond your competitors dreams, and having a life you want to live as well, you need to “go ROWE™“!

The Results-Only Work Environment™ changes the Manager Employee relationship so that managers no longer manage the unimportant things but focus on coaching for results. Everyone has the freedom to achieve outcomes in the best way possible, all for the good of your organization’s ultimate customer. This is not about flexibility but about changing our entire conversation and way of thinking about work.

5) Talk to us – We’ll customize a Culture Program for you!

Examples of customized solutions and their impact

  • Improved recruitment and selection tools to hire people that fit your business and reduce your turnover costs
  • Communication of purpose so that employees know what they get paid for
  • Talent development systems to help you identify and develop employees who will drive your business
  • Programs and processes to enhance purpose and empowerment for your employees
If your employees are actively engaged in the culture you have developed, your customers will receive a more positive experience.
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