Are you a business leader who is determined to make a big impact?

The Culture Collaboratory™ is your opportunity…

… to join an exclusive group of leaders determined to make a positive impact on people’s lives by improving workplace culture.

… to get the support and resources you need, whether your culture is established but needs an injection of energy or you’re working to identify and communicate your values and purpose.

…to move past day-to-day challenges and fire-fighting to influencing change with renewed energy and focus.

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As the Culture Leader

in your organization, you can feel isolated, as though you’re the only one passionate about inspiring deeper engagement.

it can be exhausting, so many leaders give up before they’re able to make real change happen.

you need your tribe – people as passionate as you – to act as lights in a dense forest of roadblocks and opposition.

The Culture Collaboratory™

is designed to bring you the community, ideas, and practical tactics you need.

How it Works:

The Culture Collaboratory™ is an 8-month blended program with:

 4 Bi-Monthly Collaboratory™ Workshops

 4 Bi-Monthly Individual Culture Coaching Sessions

 Culture Assessment for your Organization

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What to expect in these 5-Hour Workshops:

  • Culture activities you can take back to your organization
  • Our signature Discovery Formula collaborative coaching process to identify solutions for your biggest culture challenges
  • You’ll leave with actionable ideas to catalyze change in your organization
These Coaching Sessions will provide you with:

  • A confidential sounding board for your current challenges
  • Obstacle removal tactics and accountability to move your personal action plan forward
  • Ideas and tactics tailored to catalyze change in your organization’s current culture
The Leadership Circle’s research-based Culture Assessment:

  • Provides an “MRI” of your organization’s leadership culture
  • Shows how your organization’s culture compares to others and how it compares to your ideal culture
  • Brings your entire Senior Team into the Culture discussion
  • Identifies actions for positive culture change

Throughout the 8-month Culture Collaboratory™, you’ll have the support of your two coaches plus an exclusive tribe of forward-thinking peers, people as passionate as you are about making a positive difference.

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How You Can Be A Part of It:

  • You must be invited, so apply now by hitting the blue button!
  • It is important that the leaders involved in the Collaboratory are from non-competing organizations. We will review all applications to ensure this
  • You may be invited to a “Test” Culture Collaboratory™ session so that together, we can evaluate the format and the chemistry of the peer group

Who should be a member of the Culture Collaboratory™?

  • CEOs who know that a high performing culture is the most important ingredient in getting results
  • CHROs or VPs of HR who are tasked with championing culture change
  • Business leaders who have impact on the culture of their team and passion to make work awesome

What makes the Culture Collaboratory™ different from other networking groups?

In a word, everything! Although you’ll benefit from a tight network of your peers, this is not a networking group.

Our Collaboratory Workshops will be structured with culture activities that you can use in your organization immediately and our unique Discovery Formula collaborative group learning process to solve your greatest culture challenges.

Our Coaching Sessions are confidential and one-to-one, a mix of coaching and culture consulting. We’ll focus on helping you to enhance your influence and to lead change boldly with positive results.

Plus, there’s that Culture Assessment we mentioned – it measures your current and ideal culture, and provides actions for closing the gap.

And of course, if you have worked with me before or been a part of the Impact99 or Reinvent Work Summit, you know I always have a few added value surprises up my sleeves.

Fine print details:

  • The Inaugural Culture Collaboratory™ will begin June 1, 2016, in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Participation in future Culture Collaboratories™ will be priced at $10,000
  • Participation in the inaugural Culture Collaboratory™ is only $6,250 – that covers 4 Collaborative Workshops, 4 Individual Coaching sessions, and the Culture Assessment (plus lots of other surprises)

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Join our community for exclusive access to:

  • Free electronic copy of the Blueprint for Workplace Reinvention
  • Facts, stories and tactics from cutting edge organizations
  • Insider early access to Reinvent Work events

Together we will Make Work Awesome!