Major Restaurant Chain Says – NO Substitutions!

Have you ever made a change to an item on a menu? – Hold the tomatoes? – Tomato sauce instead of cream? – Salad instead of fries? I rarely order right off the menu. I seem to need to mix and match at least something. Not because I like being difficult, but sometimes it’s because of certain food intolerances, or it’s because I’m …

How can you create memories for your customers?

I’ve always loved this story of Johnny the Bagger, a grocery store bagger who was inspired by creating memories for customers and found his own special way to do so. Anyone can create memories for customers.  How are you inspiring your team to do so?          

Service by iPad – Pros, Cons and Recommendations for Restaurants

There is a lot of buzz about De Santos, a restaurant in New York, using iPads to help serve their guests. Several months ago, I experienced “service by iPad” recently at a Canadian chain restaurant which was testing the technology. It was still in test phase, and was mainly used as a menu, not for ordering, but as we used it, my guest and …

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