We are experiencing an era of unprecedented change and disruption in the workplace. In order to be successful now and into the future, we must reinvent work. For the first time, you can order the print or e-version of the Blueprint for Workplace Reinvention: A Handbook for Leaders, the handbook that guides leaders to build Organizational Trust and Agility.

Video Intro to the Blueprint for Workplace Reinvention

Blueprint for workplace reinvention

This book is the result of hundreds of hours of research, dozens of interviews with innovative business leaders, and our passion for connecting people and ideas. Inside, you will find:

  • A new model for developing high performing workplaces for success now and in the future
  • A roadmap for creating Organizational Trust and Agility in your workplace by developing 7 principles and competencies
  • Real-life examples of businesses achieving success through demonstrating the Blueprint competencies and principles
  • Eighty actionable ideas for you to put in motion in your workplace
  • Debrief note sheets for you to plan your workplace reinvention

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