7 Ways Great CEOs Are Made

7 Ways Great CEOs Are Made

I had the pleasure of attending the Burlington Economic Development Corporation’s luncheon this week. There are some amazing companies in Burlington Ontario, and it made me proud of the golden horseshoe region to see how well so many are doing. In fact, the 2nd fastest growing company in Canada is based right in Burlington – Life Science Nutritionals.

The speaker at the luncheon was John Wilson, author of Great CEOs and how they are made. John also is the CEO of the CEO Global Network, and is passionate about networking and how important it is for you and your career. I couldn’t agree more!

In fact, there were several things I felt very aligned with John about, and I have outlined a lot of the links from his CEO insights to the elements of our Blueprint for Workplace Reinvention, which helps build competencies to make any leader and organization more successful now and in the future.

Check out what John Wilson talked about, and the foundation for his book, in the tweets from the luncheon below.

How Great CEOs are made:

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